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Thursday, September 20, 2007

OH-05 Robin Weirauch: Dem Is In The Race, Announces On YouTUBE

BOWLING GREEN (TDB) -- Democrat Robin Weirauch, a 50-year-old retired policeman's wife who worked as an economic development official at Bowling Green State University, is officially in the race to fill the vacant OH-05 congressional seat that covers a large swath of NW Ohio. Her campaign has posted the official announcement launching the bid on YouTUBE. Weirauch is the child of military parents and was born on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. But she says she does not favor prolonging the war in Iraq any longer.

"It is time to bring this war in Iraq to a responsible end,'' she says in the YouTUBE annoucement.

[UPDATE: 7:38 pm -- Weirauch just finished a conference call with a handful of Ohio bloggers and said she put the likelihood of a Nov. 6 Democratic primary in OH-05 at "50-50." She ran as the party's nominee in 2004 and got 33% of the vote in the general election, and reached 43% in 20o6. Gov. Ted Strickland and Sen. Sherrod Brown both carried OH-05 in 2006, but not by overwhelming margins. However, their numbers clearly show that a Democrat can win in the region.

Weirauch said during the conference call that she believes the Iraq war now outweighs all other issues, even dominating the job losses in Ohio's small towns as the economy has globalized and factories have closed or moved offshore.

"I think that is going to be the top issue," she said of the war, adding that she does not believe a military solution is possible. "If the administration is not going to do something about this, we want people to know it's not going to go on and on and on forever.''

Perhaps her best line about the war : "There just doesn't seem to be a military solution to political problems."

She noted that 6 Ohioans from the district have been killed in Iraq. Weirauch said she expects to file her nominating petitions within a few days. Under state law, the deadline is Sept. 28. Weirauch was candid and engaging, direct and conversational as she spoke, and demonstated a good sense of herself. She came across as someone comfortable in her own skin.]

Ohio's 5th Congressional District is rural and conservative, and was held by Paul Gillmor, who died suddenly on Sept. 5 in a fall at his apartment in suburban Washington. Weirauch was the Democratic nominee in 2006, a race that she lost to Gillmor.

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