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Friday, September 14, 2007

OH-12 Republican Pat Tiberi: A Case Of Writer's Cramp?

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- A Central Ohio constituent of U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi notices the congressman has not been writing letters to the editor lately after folks started writing back "trying to coax Mr. Tiberi into actually addressing relevant issues and explaining the reasoning behind his positions." Robert J. Nekervis II takes note of the congressman's recent lack of correspondence on A Mere Detour, and laments the dry spell. He says he always looked forward to Tiberi's "unintentionally hilarious letters" that appeared in The Olentangy Valley News.

Nekervis's last letter in response to his congressman was published in July, and challenged the GOPer's vote against stem cell research.

"In other words, when given the choice between using an embryo to cure debilitating diseases or literally throwing it away in a garbage can, Tiberi voted for a garbage can. Tiberi's continual rejection of this potentially lifesaving research, which has broad support among the American Public, is baffling. He owes his contituents an explanation as to why he stubbornly stands in the way of hope for millions of Americans and their families and friends."

Inquiring minds might wonder: Is there any possibility that stem cell research can ease the effects, or offer a cure, for writer's cramp? Or is the afflicted House member receiving physical therapy for the hand that wields his pen?

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  1. Sigh...Once again FEDERAL funding was cut for EMBRYONIC stem cell research, which has NO EVIDENCE of value. Finally, a budget cut based on evidence - what everyone supposedly wants.

    Stem cell research is a rapidly growing area of research AND funding in the private sector, but not for embryonic lines BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK!

    Most people know by now that when faux intellectuals like Mr. Nekervis and Michael J. Fox say embryonic stem cell research they really mean "another excuse for abortion."

    If Mr. Nekervis, or anyone else, wants to invest in something that doesn't work, may I suggest my brother-in-law.