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Friday, September 14, 2007

OH-O5 GOP: It Seems Sexual Orientation Has Suddenly Become An Issue

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The late U.S. Rep. Paul Gillmor has barely been laid to rest -- he died Sept. 5 -- and a rumor is now being circulated that an Ohio Republican who may, or may not, be considering a run for the vacant OH-05 seat is a gay man from Bowling Green. He had once been an aide to Gillmor. The rumor appeared publicly in an anonymous comment on Ohio Daily this morning, which was then e-mailed to The Daily Bellwether by a Republican as an FYI. The comment is reprinted in its entirety below. Jeff Coryell is the proprietor of Ohio Daily, and he has so far chosen to neither delete nor remark upon the anonymous comment. The Daily Bellwether is attempting to contact Coryell and others to find out what is going on. A phone message has been left with the elected official who is the subject of the rumor.

At September 14, 2007 7:07 AM , Anonymous said...
It would be interesting if Tim Brown were to enter the race. I don't know if this District is ready for a gay Republican candidate. It seems more probable that he would try to move up to fill whatever slot is finally created if either Gardner or Latta win. The three of them (Brown, Gardner and Latta) have been marking time in the "Term Limits Two Step" for a long, long time.It's one thing for Brown and his partner to live in Bowling Green and coast to easy victories for county commissioner, but the atmosphere is so toxic toward gay GOP Congressmen that for Brown to enter this race would be fascinating. Would the Log Cabin Republicans rally to support one of their own or would the GOP's much beloved "culturally conservative" evangelical legions of Orcs turn out to do battle?

At September 14, 2007 12:56 PM , Anonymous said...
Who cares.... I really wonder who pushed this rumor... Bob Latta to keep him out of the Senate race or Randy Gardner so he can put liberal GOP Rep. Mark Wagoner in the Senate seat should Latta win. Latta and Gardner were going to switch seats due to term limits.

Jerid Kurtz at Buckeye State Blog has quite a bit to say, and notes the official who is the subject of the rumors is Gillmor's former district aide.

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