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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

American Mosques: Using Muhammad's Drought-Busting Prayer For California

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- American Islamic leaders are urging mosques and churches across the U.S. to pray for rain in California, where wildfires have forced thousands to flee. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the Prophet Muhammad traditionally offered special prayers called Salatul Istisqa during times of drought. The Islamic civil rights organization suggests they might bring relief to ease the crisis.

But CAIR said all faiths should offer any kind of spiritual dialogue with the heavens that have been used as traditional rainmakers. CAIR's presser is here, and it appears that the Islamic community in this nation is offering spiritual assistance -- along with urging charitable donations -- in a major disaster.

Here are a few of the the words of Muhammad used:

"O God, give us rain that will replenish us, abundant, fertilizing and profitable, not injurious. Grant it now without delay . . ."

Amen to that.

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