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Friday, October 19, 2007

Columbus Dispatch Politix Journo Joe Hallett: Lists 'Best Of The Blogs'

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Columbus Dispatch political editor Joe Hallett is a wise reporter who understands Ohio politics as well -- perhaps better -- than anyone writing about this state. He's genial, informative and offers thoughtful analysis about his native chunk of Midwestern geography. He is familiar with the struggling farm towns, the growing suburbs and dying city neighborhoods, the actors and players, and the people who shape Ohio's fundamental political life. He doesn't dissipate like smoke after an election. He sticks around covering his beat.

So it was interesting to discover on the list of blogs that Hallett recommends, or the ones he has selected as "the best of the blogs." He's divided his picks into national and Ohio blogs, and there are 11 from this state, including those put out by the state Republican and Democratic parties. The Daily Bellwether was quite honored to be included on Joe's list, quite honored indeed. Joe's Ohio list of 11 tilts toward blogs from the parts of the state that include Columbus and regions north. It has blanks for Toledo and Dayton, and only The Bellwether from Cincy. Perhaps that is because there is not much statewide coverage; or statewide perspective is lacking in much of the Ohiosphere.

Under the National Category:
The Daily Dish
Power Line
Captain’s Quarters
Daily Kos
Tpm Cafe
Hit & Run
Unclaimed Territory
The American Scene
Swing State Project

From Ohio

Buckeye State Blog
Right Angle Blog
Ohio Daily Blog
The Daily Bellwether
Writes Like She Talks
Brewed Fresh Daily
Pho’s Akron Pages
Blue Ohioan
Progress Ohio
Ohio Democratic Party
Ohio Republican Party

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