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Friday, October 19, 2007

U.S. Troops' Moms Ask Ohio: Help Our Soldiers With Donations

DAYTON (TDB) -- The Blue Star Mothers of America are opening a collection center at the Town and Country Shopping Center in Kettering -- a Dayton suburb -- where they intend to stockpile and ship to Iraq and Afghanistan items needed by the troops. The moms are after donations from the homefront in Ohio, donations of little everday things that can make life easier in a combat zone. Things like wipes, hand sanitizer, shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste, brown t-shirts and white tube sox. Even toilet paper and sanitary products for women.

The Daily Bellwether received an e-mail today from a mother who said this is a chance for everyone to support the troops. This is not about politics. Or bumper stickers. Or sticking a ribbon-shaped magnet on your car. This is about giving something to people who are giving a lot. It is about caring, not talking.

The moms are hoping people set up boxes at work and churches and schools around the state, then bring the goods to Kettering by October 27, which is Make A Difference Day. A list of everything that our soldiers need or can use is available here. Ohio is a state where people are generous and have big hearts. They will pitch in. So what is most requested from those in the war zones? Here's the word from the moms:

"Beef Jerky!!! Slim jims, power bars, peanuts, tuna fish (seal packed), small packages of cheese crackers, hard candy, small packages of cookies, life savers, gum, suckers, Crystal Light drink mixes, Kool-Aid drink mixes in presweetened packages, powdered Gatorade in small packages, tic tacs, small cans of food with pop-tops on them, and anything else that they can put in their pockets to carry with them when they go out on missions."

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