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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Good Question For Worthless Nuts: Why Is It 'The' Ohio State University?

COLUMBUS (TDB) --There are all kinds of nutty theories about the presence of the Buckeyes' "The." Is it because of a trademark? Some people have been discussing this on the Internet, wondering what THE heck it is all about. No answers here. I have wondered, too. Never heard anybody say "The" Harvard University, "The" Case Western Reserve University, "The" Youngstown State University, "The" Xavier University. Maybe it is some kind of uppity, anti-Michigan thing. That state has University of Michigan, er, the University of Michigan.


  1. Bill, Bill, Bill

    It is THE Ohio State University because that is the friggin' name.
    My diplomas say "The Ohio State University."
    It's like the COMMONWEALTH (not STATE) of Kentucky.

    We just want folks (and media) to use the actual name. Is that too much for the country's finest public university to expect?

  2. It's silly and everyone thinks so except a few knuckleheads in an OSU office. I mean TOSU office.

  3. I do not know when the question about "The" in the name of The Ohio State University was asked, but I will address it. There is an other school in Ohio named Ohio University. The "The" is meant to differentiate the two. The similarity between Ohio State University and Ohio University was problematic.

    A graduate of The Ohio State University.