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Sunday, October 14, 2007

OH-05 GOP: Bowling Green Paper Demands That Buehrer 'End The Lie'

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (TDB) -- Sentinel-Tribune editor David C. Miller pens a harsh editorial that accuses State Sen. Steven Buehrer of allowing the out-of-state Club for Growth PAC to spread a lie about State Rep. Bob Latta. Buehrer and Latta are in a heated GOP primary for Ohio's vacant 5th Congressional district seat. The editor says Buehrer's ally, the Club for Growth, has falsely claimed that Latta voted to raise taxes in 1998. Miller said Republican voters in Northwest Ohio should reject Buehrer's candidacy because he hasn't been willing to denounce the Club for Growth's attack ad.

You can read the complete text of the editorial here and it uses blunt language from start to finish to slam Buehrer's refusal to distance himself from the Club for Growth.

"It is time for voters to send a clear message to candidates who distory their opponents' records as well as those who quietly allow others to distort it for them. The message is simple: If that's your ethics during the campaign, we don't want to risk that being your ethics once you're in elected office."

That's the first sentence. Here's the final sentence:

"Voters expect more ethical campaign tactics than spreading lies from the person who wants to represent them in the halls of Congress."

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