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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ohio Bigfoot Expedition Releases Sound Recording: Hoax Or A Sasquatch In the Mists?

CINCINNATI (TDB) - The recording reportedly was made late last April at an undisclosed location in eastern Ohio, and there are a few noises that sound like grunts. It is up on Blogsquatcher for analysis and there is no claim that a humanoid actually was caught making the sounds, only that there have been sightings of a mysterious manlike creature the area where the expedition entered the woods and set up its microphones. The author of Blogsquatcher says it is even possible that somebody could have broadcast a call in the wild as a hoax. Another theory: It was just a wild hog rooting around in the brush.

Blogsquatcher didn't see what made the sounds. But he thinks it is possible a hairy giant is traipsing around rural Ohio. Still, the creature would have to be very cautious to avoid disclosing its presence in a densely populated Midwestern state inhabited by more than 11 million humans. Indeed, bigfoot seems to have pretty much succeeded in hiding itself like the weapons of mass destruction that were said to be stored in Iraq.

"One thing I consider as I think about what made this file is that there are bigfoot reports from the area where it was obtained, both recent accounts and going back years. I can't tell you that the sounds you can hear in this file or the one below are certainly from bigfoot. Since we didn't see what made the sounds, it could be from anything. But the characteristics of the calls, when you look at them with an 'interactive sound analysis tool' are very interesting to me. I'd like someone to give me a really good explanation for them. As I said above, there may well be an explanation known to science already, but I don't know it yet. I'd be just as happy to learn that these files come from a known animal as to learn that they actually are the voice of bigfoot. It's the truth I'm after."

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