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Friday, October 12, 2007

What Are Ohio's Judge's Reading? Pole Dancer's Worker Comp Claim

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- The Ohio Judicial Conference distributes a weekly e-letter called FYI that goes to every state judge from the high court on down. It summarizes and links to important or notable legal developments, including this Indiana appellate decision handed down earlier in the week. The ruling upheld and increased benefits for a Fort Wayne stripper who was injured while performing a pole dance. The judges obviously were interested in keeping abreast with Midwest case law and precedent. Nothing more, of course.

The dancer was performing a pole trick when she injured her neck at a spot called the Shangri-La. She got $548 a week in benefits, but was shorted $10,400 for permanent impairment, according to news reports. The judicial Web site carried a story from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. It did not get into any of the briefs that were filed in the case.

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