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Friday, October 12, 2007

OH-02 Dem Vic Wulsin: 1st Endorser Is Unabashed Cleveland Liberal

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- State Rep. Mike Foley -- who represents a district that includes Brook Park, Parma Heights and three Cleveland wards -- has endorsed Vic Wulsin, a Cincinnati-area physician seeking the Democratic nomination in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. It is a long-distance attraction. Foley comes from the shores Lake Erie, which is a long way from the Ohio River and Appalachia, the region where OH-02 is located at the state's southern tip.

Foley's Web site shows he's a liberal Dem and he makes no bones about the fact U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich supported him when he ran for the Statehouse in 2006. He also said the state government had done a "rotten job" under 16 years of Republican governors.

Wulsin faces Republican-turned-Democrat Steve Black in a primary for the OH-02 nomination next March. The Cincinnati area is far more conservative than Cleveland, and the district is mostly suburban and rural. Foley's appearance in the campaign at this stage may not help her win votes in a general election, but it may help Wulsin -- who has Cleveland roots herself -- gain early support and, more importantly, financial backing from both labor and her party's activist wing.

Foley was effusive about Wulsin.

"As a public health physician, she has succeeded by bringing people together and finding common ground. Her life work has been dedicated to public service -- and her track record is marked by her leadership in finding innovative solutions to difficult problems. As the Congresswoman from Ohio's second district, she will continue to work tirelessly to serve her community."

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