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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes: Drops Big $$$ On Ohio Univesity

ATHENS, Ohio (TDB) -- Roger Ailes cut his teeth as a broadcaster at Ohio University's college station, WOUB, during the early 1960s. Now the former Republican media consultant and current FOX News Chairman and CEO has dropped a large financial donation on his alma mater. Ailes' gift will will help build a new technologically advanced newsroom on the Athens campus. His dough will be used to train future journalists -- and there are no strings about their politics. Ailes, who is from Warren, Ohio, is credited with launching the FOX News Channel in 1996 and led it past CNN in 2002, a ratings triumph that has made conservative-leaning FOX the nation's No. 1 news channel.

Ailes' fondness for OU is matched by his generosity. Although the size of the donation was not revealed, it was described as substantial. He also funds scholarships. The 67-year-old OU television and radio major credits the shool with making him the foxy fellow he is today.

"Ohio University ignited my interest in broadcasting, which became my lifetime career. The education I received there gave me the opportunity to take on my first managerial responsibilities and provided early lessons in leadership. I'm happy to contribute to a great university."

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