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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Froggermarch Finds A New Pond: His 'Survivor' Script Of 2008 Prexy Race Lands Here

[Note: Froggermarch has been a longtime diarist at firedoglake. He's going to start contributing to The Daily Bellwether on the 2008 presidential race. The frogger jumps in today.]
Previously, on Survivor...
Hillary faced the first real challenge to her leadership as her Dem tribe mates ganged up on her at the challenge. John E., Joe, Chris and even Barack became more vocal in their criticism, even if it meant a less unified front. Dennis went even further off the island--off the planet, in fact, when he claimed to have seen a UFO. As the Hawkeye and Granite competitions near, whispers of alliances are beginning and Bill R. seemed to signal a pact with Hillary that would take him to the final two.

Over at the Gooper camp, a clear leader to take on would be a welcome change of pace, as Mitch, John M, Rudy and Fred seem to handle the first place immunity idol like it was a liberal dose of...well, a liberal dose. Sam thought he had staked out a safe patch to the right flank, but when that was trampled by the rest of the tribe stepping all over themselves to claim the same patch, he became the first contestant to see his torch extinguished.

(For those of you who are not up to date on this year's presidential Survivors, --and I think that's everyone--here's a rundown of the archetypes):
Dos' Dems Tribe
Hillary: Survivor archetype--Navy SEAL...incredibly strong in the early "reward" challenges, but perhaps too strong. The obvious leaders tends not to do well down the stretch when they are perceived as a real threat. A good bet to be chosen as the Ultimate Survivor if she can make it to the final two, but she'll need to continue to win the reward challenges now and the immunity challenges: Granite, Hawkeye and Palmetto.
Barack: Survivor Archetype--Girl Scout Leader, Idealist...the audience is drawn to him becuause he won't let the game compromise his integrity. A contender in that harbor is safe, but that is not what contests are for. He'll be in the game for the long haul, but will need a stumble from the better players to make it to the final two.
John E.: Survivor archetype: Handsome Lawyer...combative, smooth, annnoying to some, but his family connection softens the edge and he works hard to be on the right (left) side of the right (correct) issues. Needs to clear the Hawkey challenge to be a serious contender for the final two spots, but if he does, could go all the way.
Bill: Survivor archetype: Outdoorsman, Alliance-Maker: The winner on paper, but Survivor doesn't happen on paper. Everyone tires of him reminding them how invaluable he is, but could be putting himself in position for the second prize. This guy might win a car along the way, but he has no plausible path to victory, save a meltdown among the other top contenders.
Joe: Survovor archetype--Old Dude. Great lines, real ideas, experienced in every area. Truth be told, would probably like to take the number two role Bill is cloying for. When he talks, people hear "blah, blah, blah."
Dennis: Survivor archtype--Crazy Guy Using Rock as Blackberry. ALWAYS tells the truth at tribal council interviews. Very often right on in his observations. Saw aliens.
Mike G: Survivor archtype--Hip Entertainer... never been camping. Happy to be here. Speaks truth, but in a language no one understands. He is happy he is in camp at all. The others don't seem so down with that.
The Gooper Tribe
Rudy: Survivor archetype--The Fisherman...thinks of himself as the camp "dad" who should advance because he takes care of people. Uses the wrong language for most of his tribemates. If the final two could both come from his Tribe, he'd probably win going away. Problem is, if he gets in the final two, it could become a final three.
John M: Survivor archetype--Former Survivor All-Star...Took a big gamble earaly on that he could go the farthest right on "The Art of War," but it backfired when his tribemates all joined him, and his "surge"suggestion took a disastrous turn. Trying to get back in on his charm, experience and the ineptness of his tribemates.
Mitt: Survivor Archetype--The Player...This guy knows the game backwards and forwards. His strategy is to say the right things to whomever is in front of him, win the early challenges and hope he's eliminated his competition before they know hat happend to them. No one wants to win more than him and he'll pay any price to get to the final two.
Fred: Survivor Archetype--The Slug...Everybody keeps waiting for him to do something to contribute, but he lies around camp all day, recites platitudes and asks for everyone to aplaud for him. Probably sounded good in the screening room, but he left all he had on the audition tape.
Tom: Survivor archetype--The Whiner. Has only one thing to say and thinks by repeating it a lot, he will be seen as a saviour. Not working. Not even a little.
Duncan: Survivor archetype--Crusty Pig Farmer...Scowls a lot. He should have been gone the first day, but has somehow managed to get through the first round of Tribal Councils. Nobody likes him; but what's worse, no one takes him seriously. Dead man walking.
Ron: Survivor archetype--The Spy...Sounds like he came over from the other camp. Notices that the tribal emporer is naked, but it's not a popular observation to make out loud in the Gooper camp. He'll get some surprise votes from Dos' Dems' side to stick around longer than most expect.
Mike H.: Survivor archetype--Under-the-Radar Overacheiver....the kind that does just well enough in just enough challenges, but doesn't scare anyone until it's too late. Manages alliances well and balances playing the game with maintaining as much integrity as possible. The kind that, more often than any other, makes it through to the final two.
(Now, back to the show)
Next time, on Survivor...
John E. and Barack consider an alliance to stop Hillary, while over at Gooper, nobody seems up to the Palmetto challenge. Mike finds what might be the hidden immunity Idol on the Exile Island known to the natives as Des Moines.
Sam: "Well I had a great time while I was here, but I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore. My fetus issues just became unbearable and I wasn't able to compete on them anymore."
-- froggermarch

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