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Monday, November 12, 2007

Kucinich's Fellow Traveler: Impeachment Book Author Also Saw A UFO

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Dave Lindorff is coauthor of The Case For Impeachment, a 288-page book that lays out his grounds for removing President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from office. Lindorff, a writer and journalist from Philadelphia, disclosed today on that he, too, has witnessed a UFO. He says the fact that Cleveland U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-10 Ohio, claims to have encountered an unidentified flying object years ago should not stop people from taking Kucinich -- who wants to impeach Cheney -- seriously as a presidential candidate. Lindorff is a Kucinich supporter, obviously.

Lindorff reports he saw the UFO sometime in 1970 in Connecticut. He described it as a small, shiny object. His account is here.

"The sun was glinting off of it, making it especially bright. It caught my attention because it was flying much faster than a commercial jet, and was leaving no contrail. There was no apparent shape to it. That is, I couldn't see wings or a tail, but it was pretty far off.

"I was just speculating as to whether it might be a supersonic military jet when suddenly the thing made an abrupt right angle turn, way beyond the capabilities of any airplane -- and so fast that anyone sitting inside it would have been killed by the G-forces -- and then shot straight up into the sky, much faster than before, and just disappeared."


"So does that preclude me from being taken seriously if I write about plans to restore the draft, or about the impeachable crimes of the Bush/Cheney administration? Of course not."


"And I feel much more comfortable voting for someone for president who admits to having seen a UFO like I have, than for someone who says god talks to him, or who says she won't preclude dropping a nuclear weapon on Afghanistan, and who cannot commit to having all US troops out of Iraq five years from now."


  1. A hardly surprising story.

  2. Hi Ben --

    I have never seen a UFO. I wonder what the explanation is for the many reports of sightings. I don't think the fact that Kucinich saw a UFO makes him a good candidate for president -- I think that it does mean he may have a post politics career as a speaker on the science fiction/Star Trek circuit after the primaries are over. Perhaps he's been thinking about the future?