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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ohio For John Edwards: CNBC's Cramer Gets Sexual Pleasure Bashing Unions

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The campaign blog Ohio For John Edwards has ripped cable TV stock analyst Jim Cramer as an anti-union plutocrat who would love to crush the middle class if it would make stock prices rise. Toledo lawyer Mark Adams put together the post called "Union Busting for Profit." It is a peppery plate of populist rhetoric served up by the Edwards camp, rhetoric aimed at rousing Ohio's working class. He says CNBC's Cramer becomes near orgasmic bashing labor.

"I mean, I know these guys really feel that way, but I never heard someone come right out and say it -- especially with such enthusiasm. Workers, their families, the hell with the entire middle class if it fattens his portfolio."


"He'd be rich(er) if we could only go back to the good old days of slave wages throughout the land. Watching this guy is like a window into the Id of Corporatism. An almost sexual release at the mere prospect of making one dollar more for doing not one damn thing."


  1. Interesting. Cramer is a Democrat and a personal friend of Eliot Spitzer.

  2. Hi Tom --

    It is interesting. I guess the Edwards crowd is quite uncomfortable with anyone close to Wall Street. That obviously includes a senator from New York State. I was suprised by the tone of the attack on Cramer . . .