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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hillary Gets 'F' On Kindergarten Essay: Now Claims It Was Borscht Belt Humor

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Clinton spinmeisters are out saying their shot at Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for harboring presidential ambitions since kindergarten days was only a joke. Funny, few saw it that way. Mark Penn, a Clinton campaign aide in Iowa, explained:

"The spin machines here are so hyped up that somebody will pick up a joke like that and take it seriously."

There were two Clinton campaign press releases Sunday that attacked Obama and mentioned his kindergarten days. How do you spell p-r-a-t-f-a-l-l?

[UPDATE: 9:31 PM -- I missed this take on the kindergarten scuffle that Psychobilly Democrat posted two nights ago. Redhorse was quickly out of the gate spotting a desperation move that was, well, desperate. He, too, didn't see any stand up comedy in Hillary's routine.]