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Monday, December 03, 2007

Hillary To Obama: I Know What You Wrote In Kindergarten

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Former Clinton pal Robert Reich is wondering why Hillary Clinton is on the low road. The professor-turned-labor secretary-turned-professor-again didn't mention that the New York senator has denounced Obama for reportedly penning a kindergarten essay titled "I Want to Be a President."

The Clinton camp contends that is proof from pre-primary school days about Obama's long harbored ambitions to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama says he hasn't been thinking about the presidency as long as some others in the Democratic field -- meaning you know who. So the bashing has started. The Clinton campaign has now issued two press releases that quote Obama's kindergarten and third grade teachers about his dreams of becoming president and writing them down.

What is amazing: Obama could write an essay in kindergarten. Most kids can barely draw within the lines, or trace sand letters and build pink towers if they are in a Montessori program. Phil Singer, a Clinton spokesman, delivered what was supposed to be the coup but it came off like a playground taunt:

"Senator Obama's relatives and friends say he has been talking about running for President for at least the last fifteen years. So who's not telling the truth, them or him?"


  1. Now Bill, you should know better. You know that sandpaper letters and building the pink tower are work for 3 year olds!
    --Another Kennedy Heights Montessori parent

  2. Hi Anon --

    Hmmm. It is still pretty impressive that a guy in kindergarten can write an essay. And that it can be tossed in his face when he runs for president. Maybe Obama skipped the pink towers and went straight to essays . . .

  3. It is totally Micky Mouse. He probably wanted to be a fireman in the 2nd grade, so what?.

    She is pushing me into the ABCD group (Anyone-But-Hillary Democrat).

  4. Make that Anyone-But-Clinton Democrat (Obama's writing skills in Kindergarten clearly surpassed my adult "skills").

  5. Hi Anon --

    Your point came through clearly. And commenting on a blog is not an essay test.

  6. Is hillary really trying to probe into his kindergarten years, great tactic. All this proves is that he was ambitious and really intelligent. I said i wanted to be a firefighter, and havent thought about that in 24 years, doesnt discredit Obama at all, what a joke.