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Monday, December 03, 2007

House Dems OH-05 Attack Ad: It Stinks And Ohio Deserves Better

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- This attack ad is now on YouTUBE, and it represents the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's foray into Ohio's 5th District to aid Robin Weirauch. She has been fresh, upbeat, pretty much tireless and perhaps on the road to an upset win against State Rep. Bob Latta. So what does she get from the House Dems in Washington? Warmed over material that rehashes everything you were bored to death hearing about Tom Noe, Bob Taft and Latta's troubles with the Ohio Elections Commission. Snore.

The ad is about as stimulating and watchable as a rerun of the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS. And equally as predictable. A-one, a-two, a-three. Maybe the House Dems' writers are on strike, too? At least Welk had a machine that blew soap bubbles at his audience while the band played on.

Weirauch is a candidate with a populist, positive message. She's talking about jobs moving offshore, about Ohio's factories being creamed by cheap labor in China, about people who can't afford health care, about being tuned into small towns and the area of the state where she grew up and wants to serve in the Capitol. She wants to cut taxes on the middle class. She's kept her pledge not to take potshots at her opponent. But she gets second-rate schlock from the DCCC, a script from 2006 about Noe and Taft.

The ad is called "Ohio Deserves Better." And it does.

Ohio Valley Politics has the ad, and also a link to the much more clever Ohio Democratic Party Web site launched today that actually makes some pretty good partisan points. Buckeye State Blog has the ad up, too, and proprietor Jerid Kurtz notes in a comment that it looks a lot like the stuff Latta tossed at State Sen. Steve Buehrer in the GOP primary during October and November. Jerid just adds to the sense this is tired material. It just may be that the homegrown Dems know more than the Washington Dems.

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