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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ohio Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer: Did He Write Today's DNC Mitt Romney Blast?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer has been hammering Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as "Unfit Mitt." The rap: Romney sounds conservative today, but didn't just a few years back. He seems to change his mind on political issues as often as he changes socks.

The Democratic National Committee has noticed, too. And it's out with a fresh collection of what it calls flip flops by "Massachusetts Mitt." The DNC's collection has a tone similar to Blumer's criticism of Unfit Mitt. Both conjure up visions of Romney as a figure who fits Kahlil Gibran's description of a babbler: "In much of your talking, thinking is half murdered."

Of course, the DNC hits Mitt from the left; Blumer pokes from the right. A good shot delivered by the DNC was about Romney's shifting view of President Ronald Reagan:

"Mitt Romney Today: 'The right way for America to proceed is to pursue the strategy Ronald Reagan pursued in the last century.' [NBC's Meet The Press, 12/16/07]

"Massachusetts Mitt Romney: 'I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I'm not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.' [1994 Senate Debate]"

[UPDATE: 10:00 pm -- Fred Thompson also weighed in with a Romney smackdown that recounts the shifts, along with the I-was-an-independent-when-Reagan-was-president bit of history.]


  1. But exactly how often does Mitt Romney change his socks?

  2. Hi Lisa --

    Maybe that would be a good question for a YouTUBE debate.
    But he would probably say he used to wear socks, but now wears men's hosiery. Or vice versa