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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ohio's Kucinich: Signs Petition To Put Rival Edwards On March Primary Ballot

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Bill Callahan snagged a political morsel from Anastasia Pantsios' diary at DailyKos. She asked Dennis Kucinich to sign her Edwards for president petition. He blinked, then agreed.

"I handed him my petition and asked if he would sign to put John Edwards on the [Ohio] ballot. He hesitated a moment and I mentioned that I had signed his petition last Thursday at the Cuyahoga County Democratic Christmas party. He took the clipboard and quickly signed it."

Check out her entire post, and note she praised Kucinich as "truly a good sport" for helping another Democratic candidate. Anastasia is a talented writer in Cleveland. Her work has appeared in The Plain Dealer, Free Times and Cincinnati City Beat.

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