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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ohio's Stickland Veep Boomlet: Deflated By Bob Kerrey's Medal of Honor?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- American Thinker's Richard Baehr suggests that Vietnam War hero and Medal of Honor winner Bob Kerrey -- the former Nebraska senator and governor -- is now at the top of Hillary Clinton's list of potential running mates. If he's right, that means the speculating pundits who pumped the stock of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland were peddling junk. Strickland endorsed Hillary last fall, which set off a torrent that he could land on the ticket because he is a popular elected Democrat in a critical bellwether state.

Strickland has professed that he has no interest in the job. Baehr thinks he isn't on the list, and doesn't buy the hype. He's thinks the Nebraskan is angling for the No. 2 spot. But another Kerrey on the Dem ticket? He notes Bob Kerrey -- a New York college president -- flew out to Iowa to endorse Clinton, beat up on Barack Obama for having a Muslim name and roots, and helped Hillary stop the leakage in her campaign. He thinks Kerrey was positioning himself as a running mate, and would be strong in that role with appeal in the Midwest. He points out that Kerrey has a Medal of Honor and lost of leg in Vietnam.

"Add to this that Kerrey has a reputation as the 'good Kerrey' (as opposed to the haughty John) and has a reputation as a budget-balancing Midwestern moderate. Kerrey would help the ticket in the most competitive Midwestern states where the election is likely to be decided: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, and maybe Pennsylvania.

"There would be juicy irony in all this if it happens. Bob Kerrey ran against Bill Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President in 1992. Kerrey's key backer was New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. When Moynihan retired from the Senate, Hillary Clinton succeeded him in New York."


  1. A quick off-topic question...have you heard about the ethical issues in Brinkman's finance report from July 31st? I saw a comment on WMD that said he raised around $30,000, and that $11,000 went to him as a "reimbursement," and that $10,000 went to his wife's printing company in expenses. To me, that seems like a pretty big ethical mishap...but nobody's talked about you know anything more about it?

  2. Hi Anon --

    I don't know anything about it. I'll look up the Brinkman report today. You are right, it is off topic. But thanks for dropping by.

  3. I don't know how likely a Strickland VP slot is, but I doubt Kerrey is his main competition. While Kerrey has some strong credentials which would balance a Clinton ticket I don't think he would be chosen. He is quoted as saying Bill Clinton is the best liar he ever met (or something like that). Even though it was an honest comment it disqualifies him from being on the same ticket with a Clinton since they would expect the quote to be included in ads leading up to the general election.

  4. Hi LargeBill --

    You are correct that Bob Kerrey has made some rather unflattering comments about Bill Clinton. He ran against him in 1992 for the presidency. I don't think Strickland will be on the ticket; can't see him leaving Ohio mid-term. It would seriously harm his Democratic party at the state level.