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Friday, December 28, 2007

Strange Clinton Website: Too Much Money, Or Too Many Lawyers?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Why would anyone even bother to create and compile something like this? It seems to be proof that presidential campaign spending is completely out of control. Or that somebody has a really thin skin.


  1. Bill-

    You are right on both counts. i agree why in the world would anyone spend good money for a website that mentions challengers names more often than your own?

    If you used this website to draw a conclusion about Hillary Clinton what would it be? Probably not too accurate because a thinskinned campaign worker compiles this stuff, but still...

  2. Hi Gloria --

    It was a surprise to jaded old me. As you say, a campaign worker may compile the stuff. But there must be some kind of order to instruction to do it. This is like the files the Stasi kept, or maybe the KGB. Political paranoia? I mean, is it worth the cost? And time? This is like the movie/documentary about the '92 election and the bunker or whatever it was in Little Rock.