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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Evangelist Pal: Circulates Pledge To Ban Music With 'Rock Beat'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Apparently, evangelist Bill Gothard would be ecstatic if the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland shut its doors. The Mike Huckabee supporter has been circulating a pledge that calls for religious music to replace all rock for all time. Besides asking people to take the pledge, Gothard reportedly has written that rock is "unclean" and "satanic." Does that make Cleveland the new Gomorrah on the Great Lake? Should Graceland -- the home of Elvis --switch its name to Gomorrahland?

Cincinnati rock musician Justin Jeffre is a bandmate of Nick Lachey, and credit Jeffre with discovering the anti-rock pledge: "Almighty Father, based on the authority of your Word and the testimony of others, I now propose to remove from my life any music that contains a 'ROCK BEAT'; and replace it with melodious music that glorifies You and edifies others."

Jeffre is building himself a reputation outside the music world as a political activist. He's run for office in Cincinnati as an independent and on the Green Party ticket. So far, no success. He may be on the verge of scoring a political splash by pointing out that Huckabee -- an ordained Baptist minister who plays bass in a rock band -- seems to consort with those who feel the music itself is perditious. Jeffre sent evangelist Gothard a "confession" last week about his activities with Lachey in their rock band called 98-degrees.

"I thought our group was just having a great time making our fans happy with fun music. If only we'd known how dangerous the 'ROCK BEAT' is . . ."

He also wanted to bring Gothard up to date on his pal, Huckabee.

"Anyway, steady yourself Dr. G, because I'm about to reveal some even shocking information about Gov. Huckabee. He recently told a New York Times reporter he wants The Rolling Stones to play his inaugural. Get thee behind me, Mick!"

Jason Haap at the Cincinnati Beacon has posted the complete text of Jeffre's letter to the man he considers the rock music-hating evangelist. It is full of links about the whole devil's music issue.


  1. Looks like Huck's hitchhiking a ride on the highway to hell! Thanks for linking, Bill - I'm praying for more items like this.

    Would be fun if this gets picked up by the music press in Cleveland or Cincy.

  2. Hi Anon 1:15 --

    What level of hell do you suppose is reserved for rock musicians? The 7th level? Worse? Of course, there could be an even more monstrous level reserved for bloggers, and I reckon the hottest level would be for Republican bloggers. Then again . . .

  3. What level of hell do you suppose is reserved for rock musicians?

    They're forced to listen for all eternity to "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" by Wayne Newton.

    If they behave, for variety the Prince of Darkness will mix in "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast."

  4. Hi Anon --

    Catching up with comments today. Apologize.

    Wayne Newton would be pure misery. But I thought he was already spending eternity in Las Vegas. I guess if you were from Michigan, Ole Scratch would make you listen to Hang On Sloopy. For me, hell would be anything by Britney Spears.