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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters: Cincinnati Is In Decline, Crime Is Rampant

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says parts of Cincinnati have become so dangerous he won't let members of his family go near. Deters said "the violent crime rate has tripled" since the Cincinnati riots of 2001, and contends voter disapproval of a sales tax increase for an expanded jail means the city can expect to become increasingly unsafe. He wonders if economic redevelopment plans can survive.

Deters, a Republican who does not have a Democratic opponent this election year, can expect another four-year term in the prosecutor's post. The former state treasurer wrote a column for the current issue of Cincinnati Gentlemen (subscription required) that was unstinting in its description of a crime-ridden Cincinnati and a sad economic fate.

"The result of more criminals on the street is more crime. the bulk of this crime will occur in the city of Cincinnati. Despite this obvious fact, many city leaders did little to support the jail levy. The payoff will be the continual decline of safety in the city."


"Why does northern Kentucky thrive while the city fights to maintain its population and businesses? Simple, people feel safe over there. When I left Cincinnati to become State Treasurer in 1999, the area around Main Street was thriving and fun and safe. Today, if my 19-year-old son informed me that he was heading to that area for the evening, I'd take his car keys.

"Wonderful development is coming to this city. Well-intentioned people are spending tons of money to revitalize its core. But, I contend it doesn't matter where you move the fountain. One punk with a gun can ruin everything."


  1. Prosecute Simon LeisJanuary 13, 2008 2:38 PM

    Deters = sour grapes. The fact is, with the Butler County contract not one single criminal was being released early, and even before the Butler County contract less than 1 offender per day was being released early. This is while we were leasing 35 spaces per day to the federal government, which we did not have to do.

    We don't lack jail space. We don't lack social programs either. Deters would be better spent thinking of innovative ways to reduce crimes than throwing a public temper tantrum over the loss of a terrible levy.

    He could also do his job enforcing the law against the sheriff and county commissioners rather than going into hiding and making private citizens do his job for him.

  2. Hi Prosecute Simon Leis --

    What laws have the commissioners and Leis broken? Any details?

  3. I don't think that it's a coincidence that every crime ridden dump of a city is inevitably run by Democrats and the city of Cincinnati is no exception.

    When are you so called "progressives" going to own that?

  4. Hi Gordon --

    Of course, one might ask what party do the law enforcement authorities belong to. They have the direct responsibilty when it comes to curbing crime.

    Gordon, Ohio was run by Republicans when its biggest cities all grew giant crime problems. But I'm not blaming Republicans. I think much of the crime is caused by drugs -- cocaine and heroin trafficking to be specific. And that is not exactly a local or state issue because no poppies for heroin are grown in the United States and no coca for cocaine is grown in the United States. It all comes from foreign sources Yet we have this huge problem caused by drugs that are not produced in this country. How does it get here? Why can't we stop it? Who is failing to seal the border?

    Many seem to agree that immigration is a national problem that must be dealt with at the Washington level. Yet we also seem to think that narco crime is a local problem that can be solved at the City Hall level. But the narcotics come from international sources. There is a bigger picture here.

  5. Dirty Deeds Deters hasn't got room to talk - I didn't see his fricken face on a single levy campaign ad - him and Mallory were virtually silent. Reprehensible!

  6. I agree that drugs are rampant in the inner city. But why haven't these same drugs ripped apart suburbs like Beechwood, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Centerville, Mason, West Chester, etc.

    The fact is, all of Ohio inner cities are dumps and they are all run by Democrats. It's either a matter of dysfunctional community electing dysfunctional liberal leadership or liberal leadership who's governance creates these dysfunctional enclaves.

    Which is it?

  7. September 7, 2008


    Citizens against Joe Deters is a grass roots organization of citizens who are frustrated by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters double standard of justice and public insults against people of color, people who aren't wealthy, and people who aren't well-connected. Our organization's mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor and as southwest Ohio chair for John McCain's campaign.

    We will accomplish our mission through letter writing campaigns, peaceful protest and through our Make A Difference Day event in October.

    Please join us at 9am on September 9th (this Tuesday) for a peaceful protest in Lebanon, Ohio. We will meet across the street from the Golden Lamb restaurant which is located at 27 S. Broadway.

    McCain/Palin will speak at this event and we expect Joe Deters to attend.

    Protestors are encouraged to make signs and wear Citizens Against Joe Deters t-shirts.

    For more information please email or
    If you are unable to attend protest, feel free to send letter that our organization will copy and forward to Joe Deters.
    Citizens Against Joe Deters
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