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Saturday, January 12, 2008

University of Cincinnati Prez Nancy Zimpher: Favors Football Playoffs Over BCS

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- U.C. President Nancy Zimpher is the Big East Conference rep on the NCAA Division-I board, and she intends push at its meeting next week for dumping the BCS system. Zimpher -- who is despised by many U.C. fans because she forced out basketball coach Bob Huggins -- favors a football playoff to select the national champion. She says the nine-year-old Bowl Championship Series (BCS) creates too much controversy. LSU won the NCAA championship by crushing Ohio State, but critics contend those two teams many not have been the best in the land.

"I am in favor of the championship being decided on the field. I would be very receptive to a series of scenarios to see how we could break through this juggernaut, because it's not making anybody particularly happy right now."

Zimpher made her comments during an interview with David Harding, a staffer on the News-Record student newspaper. His scoop doesn't seem to have been noticed yet by MSM sportswriters. Zimpher said she's going to bring up her concerns at the NCAA board meeting.

"Determining champions of the field, in the aquatics center is really how it ought to go, but there are a lot of politics to this. Now a relatively new member of the NCAA board, Division-I, this is where the decision will come to rest and I will do my best to review options and listen to arguments and vote my conscience."

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