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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hillary's Problem In Michigan: 'Uncommitted' Could Beat Her In Dem Primary

CINCINNANTI (TDB) -- A political science professor who is one of the national go-to guys about state politics in neighboring Michigan says Hillary Clinton faces a serious hurdle in Tuesday's Democratic primary: Voters have the option of choosing "uncommitted."

Stewart L. French notes that Clinton is the only big name on the Dem ballot, and 'uncommitted' could prove attractive to supporters of Barack Obama, John Edwards and even Al Gore. French, of Saginaw Valley State University, told the Michigan Messenger that he thinks Clinton needs more than 60% of Tuesday's vote to crow she is a winner. If it is a lesser total, he thinks she gets written off as not being able to trounce a field that didn't even bother to campaign.

"God knows what is going to happen on the Democratic side. If she gets 60%, everyone will shrug and say of course she won, she was the only one on the ballot." According to the story: "The worst case scenario for Clinton would be if 'uncommitted' wins. Edwards and Obama could use that to cast doubt on Clinton's candidacy going forward."

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