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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slain Pregnant Marine Maria Lauterbach: She Enlisted In Dayton, Ohio

DAYTON (TDB) -- Pregnant Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, whose charred remains were excavated from her accused rapist's backyard near Camp Lejeune, is from Dayton, Ohio, where she enlisted in 2006. She was buried under about a foot of dirt and ashes in a firepit. The 20-year-old woman disappeared in December, and a nationwide warrant has been issued for her military supervisor. The remains were found in his backyard.


  1. As an attorney who represents veterans' seeking disabiltiy benefits from the VA, I have been shocked at the amount of rape/sexual assault and sexual harrasment the average female soldier experiences. Of the 8-10 female vets I have represented, only one was not raped. If I had a friend whose daughter was thinking of enlisting, I would do everything I could to change their mind.

  2. They need to catch this guy fast.
    Cesar Armando Laurean is a scumbag killer who picks on girls.
    What a coward he is.
    The best word for him is loser.
    I hope he gets mad and comes after me because I laugh at him all over the Internet.
    I would love to come face to face with that jerk.
    Maria will always be an angel.
    May she rest in peace!
    I am,

    George Vreeland Hill

  3. This case sickens me. It appears to be a blatent case of male agression and a botched police/marine case. Here we go again, another pregnant missing woman who is now dead. Really it doesnt matter whether this is a military matter or a civil matter when it comes to that. It also sickens me that her mother or stepmother called her a pathological liar. If this was my daughter and i knew her habits, whether she lied or did not lie about things, i would know if she was missing just by the fact that the mother stated that she called on a regular basis. That alone would be a concern to me. I do feel that this type of statement probably prohibited expedition of faster action. I feel that the mother's statement and the marine's attitude regarding this girl crushed important time frames because Maria wasnt taken seriously. I get that impression by the mother's statements and that attitude of Sherrif Ed Brown at the beginning of the case. I think going by the comments from the mother and the marines lack of expedition in working together with the sherrif's department allowed this to happen or at the very leaset allowed cesar to escape. Maria sounds like she was a victim of inconvenience for Cesar. Whether he raped her or whether they had concentual sex doesnt really matter at this point, it ended in a pregnancy and the death of a woman and her unborn child. Pregnancy of another woman to a married man is definitely an inconveniene and i would bet that he did not want this inconvenience to interrupt his life with his wife and child, and his career. This is no different than past cases we have seen in the last few years. These men are selfish and think they do not deserve punishment, or flack for their deeds. These type of things happen all over the world. They are not just north american problems. When will it stop that women and children are disposable and an inconvenience? I dont know all the details of the case and there may be more than we all know, but dead is dead, fugitive is a fugitive. Body in fugitive's backyard, this we do know. I commend his wife for coming forward with information. At least she had the fortitude to do so under such stressful circumstances for her. There is no happy ending but i hope the truth comes out and cesar comes forward or is caught immediately. What a coward. Marines killing marines and these are the people that are supposed to keep you safe. What a joke!