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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freshest Polling In Ohio: Among Dems, Hillary Has 21-Point Lead Over Obama

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The latest available polling in Ohio shows likely Democratic voters favoring Hillary by a wide margin over Obama -- 58% to 37%. Among all voters, she leads 56% to 39%. SurveyUSA contacted 2,000 Ohioans across the state this week just ahead of the Potomac primaries. Maryland, Virginia and D.C. delivered a huge boost to the Illinois senator, but any spillover impact has not yet been measured in Ohio. Jeff Coryell at Ohio Daily Blog offers a breakdown on the SurveyUSA results. He sees it, correctly, as bad news for Obama to be trailing by double digits heading into Ohio for its crucial March 4 showdown.

"This is a very tough poll for the Obama campaign, without a doubt. SurveyUSA is a reliable outfit and the primary is only three weeks away. However, Obama has shown that he can move the numbers dramtically when he comes to a state and starts making personal appearances before large crowds."

At the moment, Hillary seems to be in great shape as she prepares for a must win, make-it-or-break event in Ohio. The Obama prairie fire has been sucking oxygen out of her campaign across the U.S. since Jan. 3 in Iowa -- yet she's held her lead in Ohio despite a month-long run of grim headlines about a slumping candidacy. For the moment, the firewall that Gov. Ted Strickland and other top Ohio Democrats have built seems to be holding. About the only downside for Hillary in the poll is that 49% of those who now say they are backing the New York senator said they are open to changing their minds. That means she's going to have to fight to hold them. On the other side, 40% of Obama's Ohio supporters say they could be enticed over to Hillary.

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