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Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama As The Watermelon Man: Survey Firm Is Less Than Tasteful

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- What were those geeks thinking? RelevantView, which calls itself a "leading technology provider of info-based market research solutions," today published a report (pdf) that puts Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's smiling face on a watermelon.

Maybe the company should have done some research on topics like slurs before publishing Shopping Online for a President. The poll measures and rates the effectiveness of various presidential campaign websites. Obama's picture as a watermelon appears on the report cover. He's in a shopping cart filled with watermelons along with the other four candidates. They, too, are portrayed as melon heads.


  1. Am I crazy or is something suddenly missing from these posts...?

  2. .
    Oh please, why the link to Obama ?

    Each candidate is on the water-mellon. Why single out obamm-eee ?

    Looks like affirmative action at it's best !


  3. You sir, are a moron.

    Did you even read the study?

    Obama received extremely good marks, far higher than Clinton.

    And yet you point out the clip art on the front cover of a shopping cart with watermelons displaying the candidates heads?

    Way to ignore the real data and facts to instead focus on nonexist sensationalism to generate ad revenue. If you were a real journalist, you'd be fired...along with your editor.