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Friday, February 22, 2008

Rasmussen Today On Ohio Polling: Hillary's Double-Digit Lead Has Melted Away

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Last week, Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama by 14 points. Today, he's cut her lead to 8 points -- 48% to 40% in Ohio. The firewall could be turning into ashes. Rasmussen Reports said its telephone survey of 902 likely Democratic voters was conducted Feb. 21, and the results demonstrate the Illinois senator's growing momentum. According to the polling firm's latest Ohio data:

"Clinton leads by 20% among women. That's little changed for a week ago. However, in the previous poll, Clinton also held the advantage among men. Now, she trails Obama among male voters. Clinton does better among lower-income voters and older voters. The race, like many others in Election 2008, remains very fluid. In addition to the 12% who are undecided, another 17% of voters say they might change their mind before voting."

On Thursday, an ABC News-Washington Post poll reported Clinton leading Obama 50% to 43% in Ohio. That survey included 611 likely Ohio voters and was conducted Feb. 16-20.

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