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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OH-02 GOP Jean Schmidt: Dayton Daily News Says Dump Her For Brinkman (R) Or Wulsin (D)

DAYTON (TDB) -- Republican U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt's reelection bid was sneered at today by the Dayton Daily News, which endorsed her GOP primary opponent, State Rep. Tom Brinkman. In rejecting Schmidt, the newspaper said she has a history of "bush league mistakes" in Washington. The newspaper contends Schmidt's antics have turned the once solidly Republican 2nd Congressional District into a battleground that can be taken by a Democrat this November. The Dayton Daily News editorial said:

"Rep. Brinkman could represent the district better than the incumbent and probably be a better candidate in November."

On the Dem side, the newpaper picked Dr. Victoria Wulsin, a physician who was the party's 2006 nominee. Wulsin was barely beaten by Schmidt. It said Wulsin's opponent, Steve Black, is a lawyer and his candidacy "devolves" into a single issue; that Congress needs another lawyer. It prefers Wulsin because she is fresh and from another profession.

"Dr. Wulsin has a remarkable resume of medical work, both here and abroad. She had devoted years to humanitarian causes. She had not been a politician . . . Dr. Wulsin would bring unusual experiences, sensibilities and ability to Washington. In a primary race in which the Democrats do not differ profoundly on the issues, she is the right choice."

Brinkman, a hardcore conservative, seems to be finding traction in an uphill contest against Schmidt by citing her House vote last year against President Bush's push to increase access for college loans. Bush said the federal grants and loans would increase U.S. competiveness in the global economy and help better schooled workers land jobs. Brinkman agrees. The Dayton Daily News noted: "He says when he ran for the legislature eight years ago, the main thing he wanted to do was cut taxes. He says he has since learned that there's a more important consideration in building an economy: Improving the quality of education."


  1. Hmmm...disqualifiying a candidate because of their profession. That's no different than voting for Hillary just because she's a woman or Obama just because he's an African American.

    Shouldn't we be voting for the person based on ideas? Last I checked, only Black had put any ideas forward. At the debate last night, Wulsin wouldn't even commit to posting her policy positions on her website. We've got enough blow-dried politicians in Washington who give us lip-service. It's about time for a real candidate.

  2. Thank goodness more Republicans are seeing what a trainwreck Jean Schmidt has become. Republicans could seriously lose this district if we go with Schmidt again. There's no reason to take that chance. Schmidt has had her chance.

  3. People choose their profession, they don't choose their gender or skin color. So I think it's different.

    The point about focusing on ideas is a valid one, but it's also fair to say that- when the overwhelming majority of officials have always been lawyers- a non-lawyer can offer sorely lacking alternative ideas and perspectives.

    It's something I've been saying for years... I think we need a wider spectrum of professional backgrounds in our elected officials, scientists and engineers in particular.

  4. Disqualifying someone simply because they're a lawyer is illogical and short-sighted. There are bad lawyers and good lawyers, just like there are bad doctors and good doctors. The individual and their ideas should matter - no one should simply be disqualified because of their profession.

  5. I think the main point the endorsement made was that Steve Black's ".... candidacy "devolves" into a single issue", which happens to be the Iraq war. That's a very serious issue and one which Victoria Wulsin was right on from the beginning. Steve came to his awakening about the war in something like 2006, which is good that he finally came to that position, but isn't a very good reflection on his judgement. The majority of Americans, and especially democrats, were against the war long before that late date. Also, Steve Black has that the war, not Bush's economic policies that have taken such a toll on the middle class, caused him to change his party affiliation. Victoria Wulsin has always taken issue with Bush's economic policies which favor corporate and rich interests, such as Social Security 'privatization, making permanent tax cuts for the super rich, bankruptcy legislation, the school loan unfair lending practices. She has always supported progressive policies which help the middle and working classes such as universal access to affordable healthcare, clamping down on predatory lending practices, bringing jobs and economic growth to the area, etc. I think Vic Wulsin has the best policies and experience to represent us and is by far the most qualified candidate.

  6. Is an endorsement or non-endorsement by the Dayton Daily News going to make a difference?

  7. An endorsement is free publicity. Also, if an endorsement is made, would you rather be the endorsed candidate or candidate that's not endorsed??? I think the answer is pretty clear. And Vic Wulsin was the endorsed Dem. candidate.

  8. Has anyone heard from Countyworker Lisa? I just want to make sure my tax dollars are being wasted as she blogs on the bellwhehter all day. Tell her I said hagkfkgafi.

  9. The Wuslin endorsement in the DDN may have some bearing. However, an endorsement from the DDN in a Republican primary is fairly useless. The DDN is nearly as far left as the PD. The only reason to read DDN is Hal McCoy. I'm not a Schmidt fan, but it is obvious DDN is only endorsing Brinkman because they would rather not face as incumbent in the Fall.