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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland Now In Ads For Hillary: She'll Fix NAFTA And Create New Jobs

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is now up in TV and radio spots hawking Sen. Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate who can best bring jobs to his economically battered state. The TV ad is low key and Strickland's voice is almost somber -- it is not a fiery, get out and vote message. Still, he has shown no sign of retreating or racheting down his efforts in the face of Sen. Barack Obama's surge past Hillary in the national polls. And Hillary's once substantial lead in Ohio is eroding. The surge seems ready to swamp Strickland's determination to keep her presidential campaign afloat.

In the ads, Strickland says she will create new jobs in Ohio and fix NAFTA. You can see the 30-second TV spot here. Here's the script Strickland uses for the radio ad:

"I've known Hillary for fifteen years, admired her since the day I met her. She's a person of deep faith, who is driven by deeply felt-values, everything she does is an effort to make life better for other people. She’s also a person who I believe understands Ohio very deeply. Hillary Clinton is the candidate who can best provide the leadership that America and Ohio needs to revitalize our economy, to bring healthcare to our people, to make education high quality and affordable for all of our children and she is most capable of bringing this war to an honorable end…What Ohioans I think need more than anything else is to have confidence that their presidents going to be working for them and Hillary Clinton is a person who will be that kind of president. She’s fighting for us."

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  1. Sounds somber is right. Is that the voice he used to preach funerals? Boring ad. Snore.