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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Texas Has Tipped Towards Obama: Poll Shows He's Overtaken Hillary There, Ohio Next?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports today that Barack Obama has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Texas. He leads 48 to 44 with 8% still undecided ahead of the March 4 primary. Says Rasmussen:

"These latest results show a continuing trend in Obama's favor. Last Sunday, Clinton lead by a single point. Last week, Clinton was up by three. Two weeks ago, the former First Lady enjoyed a double digit lead. The Rasmussen Reports surveys in Texas include people who have already voted and those who are likely to vote. Currently, Obama leads by six among those who have already voted or are absolutely certain they will vote."

The same trend seems to be in effect in Ohio, where Clinton's lead has shrunk to single digits in some polls released earlier this week. Another round is coming in the next four days, and they look certain to have more bad news about Ohio for Hillary. Democratic insiders in Ohio now are beginning to doubt (hell, they are scoffing) at her chances of winning next Tuesday.

Arkansas Republican Mike Huckabee has been hoping for a miracle against John McCain. The former Baptist preacher hasn't gotten one yet, and Hillary may have to join him in praying for divine intervention. Barring a miracle, by this weekend the polling in Ohio can be expected to help write the epitaph for Hillary's 2008 campaign.


  1. Bill --

    From your newspaper days you know what is coming over the weekend. The PeeDee poll. Others will have them for their own Sunday editions. Don't expect to see anything moving upside for Hillary. Some indie polls due out Friday. Bet she is in a statistical dead heat. All the mo is for O.

  2. Anon --

    We'll just have to wait and see. I do agree that Obama is gaining ground in Ohio. I haven't seen any evidence that she did anything in the debate to slow him down -- and that might have been her last and best chance, barring something unforeseen (a miracle perhaps), to stave off Obama in Ohio. It looks like Texas has tilted his way. My hunch is that Ohio is teetering. I guess we'll see some of the newspaper polls sometime Saturday on the Internet ahead of the print editions Sunday.

  3. Hillary is going to win Ohio and Texas. Watch the numbers. Ted Strickland has built the firewall. Obama has peaked. He won't campaign anywhere except on college campuses where he can get crowds of kids. The firewall is holding

  4. Obama drew 13K people to a speech in Cincy on Monday, far from any campus. McCain had 500 party faithful at his Cincy rally and only made news because of his insistence on civility. This to the distress of Bill Cunningham and the other right wing fear-and-hate-mongers.

  5. 9:05 am --

    Obama in Cincinnati was on the University of Cincinnati campus. He spoke in Fifth Third Arena, the basketball stadium.