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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ohio Newspaper Web Traffic: Cincinnati Enquirer Beats Cleveland Plain Dealer

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Fresh stats are out ranking the nation's newspapers by the average number of visitors attracted monthly to their online editions. In Ohio, the Cincinnati Enquirer -- the state's third-largest print publication -- owns the busiest Web portal with an average 1.034 million visits per month. If you figure that the print paper sells about 200,000 copies per day, that's about five days circulation. In Cleveland, monthly 'net traffic equals about three days circulation -- which indicates the shift to online still has a long way to grow. The complete list of the Top 100 newspaper Web sites and their monthly stats March through August is available by clicking here.

In Ohio, there are no numbers for the Dayton Daily News, which didn't show up in the Top 100. Here are the standings when monthly numbers were averaged by Nielsen/NetRatings:

Cincinnati Enquirer -- 1. Ohio; 30. US; 1.034 million unique visitors per month.
Cleveland Plain Dealer -- 2. Ohio; 32. US; 989,000 per month.
Columbus Dispatch -- 3. Ohio; 65. US; 547,000 per month.
Akron Beacon Journal -- 4. Ohio; 75. US; 415,00 per month.
Toledo Blade -- 5. Ohio; 90. US; 315,000 per month.

The biggest mystery: Why does the Dispatch fare so poorly? With Ohio State and the state government in its front yard, there should be legions of 'net savvy readers visiting online. H/T Brewed Fresh Daily, the uber-blog of George Nemeth.


  1. Surprising.....I think the PD website is better than that of the Cincy paper.

    The Dispatch website always takes forever to load on my is a bit slower than the other sites mentioned. That is one reason I dont go there a whole lot.

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