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Monday, February 18, 2008

U.S. State Dept. Obama Bio: Boils His Campaign Platform Down To A Single Sentence

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- And it doesn't describe anything that has been central to the Illinois Democrat's run for the White House. Here's the entire passage: "Obama has proposed legislation that would create a new employment eligibility system for companies to verify if their employees are legal residents." That summary of what Obama stands for comes from the U.S. Elections Guide that the State Department is circulating around the world. It appears on the government Web site created to promote American life and culture, a shop that Bush pr master Karen Hughes once headed. Somehow, the State Department seems to completely miss the point of Obama's campaign -- his call to change the political culture of Washington. Instead, he's minimized as a lowly immigration reformer targeting a side issue in the overall immigration debate.

Hillary gets two sentences, and they do get straight to the heart of her top issue: "Hillary Clinton, in 1993, headed a task force that developed proposed legislation to provide universal health care to all Americans. That legislation ultimately was not passed, but she continues to make universal health care one of her top political goals."

What about John McCain, the likely Republican nominee? The Arizona senator gets a quote and even more about some of his platform: "McCain was also a presidential candidate in 2000. He has called for a 'greater military commitment to Iraq, saying that more troops are necessary to rebuild the nation and prevent sectarian violence. McCain supports immigration reform legislation that would provide ilegal immigrants a path of citizenship and establish a temporary guest worker program."

The Web site is produced by the department's Bureau of International Information. Besides short-shrifting Obama, The Daily Bellwether found one factual error in a candidate bio on the government Web site. It said Mitt Romney -- who has withdrawn and is now backing McCain -- was born in Michigan in 1947 when his dad was the governor of that state. George Romney, however, became Michigan's governor in the 1960s. Kim Sigler was the governor of Michigan when Mitt was born.

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