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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Note To Taxman: Chinese Flags Flew At Bush's White House

Taxman is upset that a Cuban flag was posted on the wall in an office staffed by Obama volunteers. The right-leaning Republican blogger says in a comment:

"You are not going to see a flag from some dictatorship in a GOP office."

Well, that's a Chinese flag at the executive mansion in April 2006. The scene was snapped for an official White House photo by Eric Draper, the official White House photographer. It was paid for by American taxpayers. China is a dictatorship. And the American president standing under the dictatorship's flag is a Republican.


  1. Was Che or Castro visiting the Houston office of the Obama campaign?

    Come on, Bill... Seriously...

    The difference between a diplomatic respect for a visiting dignitary and the ignorance on display at the Obama office.

    I'd imagine you'd have thrown a fit if appropriate diplomatic overtures hadn't been made for the China visit. I'm sure it would have gone a little something like "Crazy Cowboy Bush Ticks Off Billions of Chinese by Not Displaying Appropriate Diplomatic Courtesy" or something...

  2. Matt --

    Seriously . . .

    I think the diplomatic visit was appropriate. It does not hurt to talk. But I think the unfurling of Chinese flags at the White House was totally inappropriate. That flag is the standard of a regime which shares none of our values. I would never have criticized the president on that score. But I find great irony in the fact that Washington D.C. (and this would include many Democrats) sees no problem dealing with China while imposing a trade and diplomatic embargo on Cuba. In China, as you know, there is no freedom of religion, no freedom to vote, forced abortion and sterlization, no freedom of speech and on and on . . . Is Castro somehow worse than Chairman Mao and his successors? I'm sure you go along with forced abortion and sterilization in China.

  3. The White House is NOT a campaign office...THAT is the whole point, Bill...