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Monday, March 03, 2008

Frances Strickland Stopped By Today: Ohio's First Lady Was Going Door-to-Door For Hillary

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Unfortunately, The Daily Bellwether wasn't home when she rapped on the door in Amberley Village for some primary-eve politicking. It was a beautiful afternoon with the temp in the high 60s, perfect for canvassing. But The Bellwether had a dental appointment when Ohio's First Lady paid her unscheduled visit. Still, the local TV cameras caught her for a presidential election segment on the evening news, and did an interview in the front yard. Mrs. Strickland left behind a flier that says Hillary is, "The only candidate with the experience to deliver solutions for American families." There was was nothing negative in the message, which listed the following five reasons to vote for Hillary:

  1. Jump start the economy for America's middle class.
  2. Ensure ALL Americans have quality, affordable health care.
  3. End the war in Iraq and restore America's leadership in the world.
  4. Give every American child a world-class education.
  5. Fix NAFTA and institute trade policies that put American workers first.

1 comment:

  1. Shouldnt she be going door to door in Kentucky?