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Monday, March 03, 2008

OH-02 Dem Vic Wulsin: Here's The List Of All Endorsers Including Elected Officials And Unions

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Democratic congressional candidate Vic Wulsin's campaign is circulating a compilation of all her endorsers for the March 4 primary. The campaign also said opponent Steve Black hasn't nailed down as much support. Here's the complete list:
-American Federation of Teachers / Ohio
Federation of Teachers
-American Postal Workers Union
-Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers &
-Greater Cincinnati United Auto Workers
-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
-International Union of Painters & Allied Trades
-National Association of Letter Carriers
-Services Employees International Union
-Shawnee Labor Council, AFL-CIO
-Buckeye State Blog
-Cincinnati Enquirer
-Dayton Daily News
Medical Groups
-American Academy of Family Physicians
-American Medical Association Political Action
Committee / Ohio State Medical Association
Political Action Committee
-American Psychiatric Association Political
Action Committee
-League of Conservation Voters
-Appalachian Political Action Committee
-Feminist Majority
-National Organization of Women
-National Women's Political Caucus
-Women’s Action for New Directions
-Women’s Campaign Forum
Public Officials
-Former Ohio Governor Jack Gilligan
-Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory
-Former Cincinnati Mayor Dwight Tillery
-Former Cincinnati Mayor Bobbie Sterne
-Silverton Mayor John Smith
-Cincinnati Vice Mayor David Crowley
-Cincinnati Council Members Cecil Thomas,
John Cranley and Y. Laketa Cole
-Hamilton County Commission President Todd
-Former State Representative Catherine Barrett
-Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones
-Congresswoman Betty Sutton (OH-13)
-Congresswoman Vic Snyder (AK-02)
-Congressman Dennis Moore (KS-03)
-Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)
-Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (KS-02)
-Congressman John Murtha (PA-12)


  1. Looks to me like Dr. Wulsin's experience, integrity, and potential to help the 2nd Congressional District has impressed quite a number of reputable organizations and individuals, including some heavy lifters in the medical community to support her. Dr. Wulsin is the best qualified candidate to represent the 2nd Cong. District in my opinion and in the opinion of many, many reputable others.

  2. Yeah, so what? Another of Bill Sloat's biased slanted pieces. This isn't an article, it's another free endorsement. What a crock! Victoria Wulsin should put Bill Sloat on her payroll.

  3. To Steve Black--remember the old saying you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
    It appears that quite a few smart, savvy folks have already come to the conclusion that Vic is the candidate of substance and Black is the candidate of nothing tangible policy-wise and soley the candiate of smear mongering.

  4. You will notice there is NO endorsement by the Ohio Medical Association.

  5. I didn't hear any complaints from the Black supporter above when Bill Sloat posted the entire Black and Baratz press release. Looks like he gave equal time to both sides.

    To anonymous above, it's 'fair' reporting when the posts are press release which are pro-Black and anti-Wulsin, but somehow biased when the reverse is true. Huh??

    I guess the endorsement press release was a bit overwhelming to a Black supporter, to say the least, which is perfectly understandable since Wulsin has virtually ALL the endorsements and Black has none. That's VERY telling, I'd say.

  6. Wulsin Endorsed by: American Medical Association Political Action Committee / Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee.

  7. Vic Wulsin is a terribly flawed candidate. She and Jean Schmidt have made this Congressional District the laughingstock of the country. The prospect of a Wulsin/Schmidt rematch caused Stuart Rothenberg to call OH02 "the worst Congressional contest I've ever witnessed."

    Rothenberg goes on to say:

    "But for a candidate running for the third time, Wulsin is, to put it mildly, scattered in her thinking. For example, she's an anti-war candidate who says that she isn't sure how she would have voted on the supplemental spending bill that has funded the war.

    Wulsin ran a TV spot last month in which she pledged, "As your Representative, I will refuse Congressional health care until Congress does its job and passes affordable health care for all."
    Sounds like quite a sacrifice, doesn't it? Of course, it isn't, since Wulsin is covered under her husband's "gold-plated" health care plan. When I asked her about this, she talked about the symbolism of her stand and the fact that Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D) made the same pledge previously.

    Then, toward the end of the interview, with half a dozen other reporters present, Wulsin referred to her son as "a nice liberal, like his mother." Hmmm.

    When asked about that comment, Wulsin went through a lengthy verbal contortion to try to explain that she really is both conservative and liberal. "What I mean by [liberal]," said the pro-abortion rights Democrat at one point, "is that I want change."

    But what, asked a reporter, did she mean when she said that she was conservative on family issues? "I think marriage is great. I think motherhood and fatherhood is great," she explained.

    What about gay marriage? "I don't think that the federal government should tell any church what to do or who to marry. I'm all for equal rights," said Wulsin, digging herself deeper.

    Anyway, Wulsin might well get elected to Congress. But if she does, it's only because of Schmidt."

    Wulsin is scattered in her thinking, ethically challenged and unable to put together a campaign strong enough to beat the weakest Republican Congressional Representative in the US. God help us if we have to endure 6 months of Wulsin and Schmidt running against each other in a general election. It is a sad state of affairs when our country has so many difficult problems, and we may have to face the prospect of such a pathetic choice between Wulsin and Schmidt to represent us.

  8. Vic Wulsin's positions have been consisently geared toward improving the lot of the common person, rather than the super wealthy and super well connected. I think that's what most Americans want today more than ever. They are sick and tired of the rich getting richer, the rest of us floundering, and the powerful calling the shots, while the rest of look on in horror. People realize that they are FAR WORSE OFF now than they were 7 years ago when Bush, Schmidt et al took over (yes, I know Schmidt only took office in 2005, but Portman was in there before her). Most people realize that unless they hate someone or something, the Republican Party and their surrogates, aka Black, have nothing to offer. So, you may have problems with Vic Wulsin, but I think FAR more voters will have problems with Black and then in Nov. with Schmidt. And Schmidt has had some actual ethical reprimands related to her resume and other issues, as opposed to the trumped up false claims by the Black campaign.

    And, by the way, with Steve Black's smear mongering, light on issues, heavy on innuendo and distortion, what on earth positive could he bring to the campaign??

  9. I'm praying and praying at this late hour for a Tom Brinkman victory over Mean Jean Schmidt. The rest of the candidates are an embarrassment.

  10. The Steve Black for Congress TV spot regarding Dr. Wulsin's association with the Heimlich Institute "malariotherapy" experiments is available on YouTube. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

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    The back-ground on the flip-flopping, grabbing for straws, wRong wingnut whacko 'black mole' can be found here:

    PATHETIC 'flip-flopper"


    The only endorsed candidate !