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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Letters To The Editor On Vagina Monologues: Fill In The Blanks

Andrew Nesi at Notre Dame University in South Bend must have had loads of giggles writing "fill in the blank" letters to the editor. Its all about fulminating over the Vagina Monologues at a Catholic school. Sample paragraphs:

Anti --
"Unfortunately, the liberal majority that is ________ (The Observer, the English Department, The Society of Women Engineers) seem to want to turn our Lady's University into ________ (a socialist state, a Godless Hell, an abortion clinic housed in that cool looking power plant with the glass facade near North Quad)"

"As _________ (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Garcia Lorca) can attest, great plays often encounter stiff opposition amid cries of immorality. D. Mahon's March 11 letter fits the pattern. Mr. Mahon betrays a ________ (offensiveness, ignorance, penis-first chauvinism) typical of the writings of a (freshman, grad student, 1957 alumnus)"

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