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Monday, March 17, 2008

OH-01 GOP Steve Chabot: Newt's Coming To Root

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich -- who's been blasting Democrat Barack Obama for consorting with "hard-left intellectuals" -- is headed to Cincinnati. He's scheduled for a Wednesday fundraiser at the downtown Hyatt Regency, an event that includes a $1,000 per person VIP reception. Newt never jumped into the 2008 presidential contest, dashing the hopes of many conservatives. Instead, he's been dashing around the nation raising money for House GOP veterans like Steve Chabot who are facing tough 2008 contests. Details about the Chabot event are available on the Hamilton County Republican Party web site.

Gingrich has his own online operation, where he hawks everything from autographed copies of his books to faux Speaker's gavels engraved with his name. He also has this slogan posted: "Real Change Requires Real Change." Chabot is running for a sixth term against Democrat Steve Driehaus, a state legislator whose been raising serious cash in a district targeted by the DCCC's red-to-blue campaign. Thus, any mention of the need for real change probably won't come up during Gingrich's stumping for the OH-01 Republican incumbent. Newt has been delivering red meat lately -- bashing Obama's pastor, whom he says is not a racist but an avowed leftist.

"First of all, nothing Pastor Wright said was racist. Pastor Wright was saying what all hard-left intellectuals, whether they're white or black or brown or Asian or whatever their background -- if you go out and read what the hard left says to itself, it is a consistent diatribe against the United States. It consistently condemns the United States.

"There are people -- I talked to somebody tonight who pointed out 10 years ago, they went to a college commencement in the north at a liberal college where a substantial number of people would not stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance or for 'The Star Spangled Banner.' I mean, this is nothing new. The fact that it happens to be African-American is irrelevent. This is a normal diatribe, a normal assault on America and it's common for a substantial number of hard-left people."

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    "Newt Gingrich has been married three times. He married Jackie Battley, his former high school geometry teacher, when he was 19 years old (she was seven years his senior at 26 years old).[5][6] After an alleged affair with Ann Manning in 1977, Gingrich sought a divorce from Battley.[7] In 1981, Gingrich wed Marianne Ginther,[8] to whom he remained married until 1999, the same year Gingrich had an affair with a then 33-year-old Congressional staffer, Callista Bisek.

    The wRong wingnut whacko, Newt the kook can't even be loyal to his own mate so how can he be loyal to anyone, including the voters ?

    Cabot-head seems to be willing to sell his morality for that man made illusion of value we call the dollar. Both values are dropping exponentially !

    PATHETIC 'family values' !