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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Top Editor Of Ohio's Largest Newspaper: More Shoes Than Imelda Marcos?

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- Susan Goldberg has been running The Plain Dealer for the past seven months. A profile in this month's Cleveland Magazine gives her a favorable review. The city mag's March issue also notes she's a clothes horse who shows up for work in "high heels and classically elegant outfits, including St. John's knits." It reports Goldberg once quipped, "I just so happen to have a collection of high heels Imelda Marcos would envy."

She is the first female to run the newsroom at the state's largest daily. Women, she told the magazine, see news differently than men. And she suspects that might lead to superior journalism:

"Female journalists are as aggressive, if not more so, than the men when it comes to nailing a story or a bad guy. [But] women as a group, have a broader, less traditional definition of what news is than many men do, and I think we have life experiences that can help us connect better with our readers. I make no apology for seeking out, and displaying well, stories that blatantly appeal to women."

Erick Trickey wrote the Cleveland Magazine piece about Goldberg, who comes off as neither Imelda nor a Devil Wears Prada wannabe. Some of the kinds of stories that Goldberg puts on the front page: Hormone replacement therapy, maternity leave laws, the Iron Chef. Some that critics say get short shrift: Reports from the Iraq War.

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