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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Dispatch Blast At Marc Dann: FBI Asked To Probe AG's Gambling Ties

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Finally, the phrase organized crime has surfaced. The report says a law enforcement task force in Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann's office has asked the FBI to investigate his possible connection to gambling interests. Details are scant, and more are likely to come out during the day. This is a sign the story seems to be moving beyond sex, office shenanigans and cronyism and into the realm of corrupt activities. It is unlikely Dann would be investigated by the FBI for throwing penny ante poker games on his patio in suburban Youngstown. Pure speculation: Perhaps a suspicion or allegation that gaming interests who want to put casinos, or slots and slot machine-style gambling machines in Ohio, exerted some kind of influence with Dann, or made some kind of overture or deal.


  1. Without verifiable evidence the disclaimer "pure speculation" is appropriate, but I would point out that both Dann and the casino lobby have a history of unethical behavior.

    So although it may be "pure" speculation, it is certainly not "wild" speculation that two unethical agents would come together for common purpose.

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