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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plain Dealer Reports: Ohio AG Marc Dann To Resign, Telling Staff Today

UPDATE -- The Akron Beacon Journal says Dann's resignation won't be today. The news reports are now being described as "premature."

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- The Plain Dealer says he's going to step down this afternoon. A source in Columbus who serves in the Ohio House and is close to Dann has confirmed the story for The Daily Bellwether. And the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the attorney general has been meeting in his office with Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and working out terms for a resignation and departure from state government. Fisher -- who is No.2 to Gov. Ted Strickland -- served as attorney general from 1991 through 1995 and has knowledge of the inner workings of the office that Dann has held since early January 2007.


  1. I have heard he will not step down today.

  2. How does one characterize the negotiations? A plea bargain? The word now is that Dann plans to leave, but he wants some kind of deal to keep the inspector general off his tail. It might be best that he stay, and let the authorities dig through the mess to see if there is anything criminal. Does Dann have any kind of hand to play?