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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coming Soon To Cincinnati: GOP-Sponsored Gun Permit Training Classes

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A first for the nation? The Hamilton County Republican Party says it is going to offer sessions that will allow graduates to apply for concealed-carry handgun permits in Ohio. GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou made the announcement on his blog:

" . . . you will see us unveil a few other new things soon. Among those will be a party sponsored class for those wishing to receive their concealed carry permit . . ."

The announcement is here, and it seems to represent a quick draw on the Democrats that is bound to gain attention. Cincinnati is often depicted as an urban area with a high crime rate, so the GOP may be hoping to make inroads with citizens who fear for their own safety. But there could be a risk the Republicans might shoot themselves in the foot. Gun training classes brought to you by a political organization may bring some negative publicity to the community -- the kind of headlines and commentary that says things are so Fort Apache-like that Republicans are showing citizens how to arm themselves for self-preservation. That kind of image is not especially alluring to economic growth and development interests, the tourism sector, or civic boosters. Or, the GOP may be seen as having little faith in the police. Another possibility: The party is signaling that it stands with the NRA and supports the 2nd Amendment. The chairman didn't explain the reasons why the political party wants to teach citizens how to pack heat.

Ohioans who want to carry a concealed weapon have to take up to 10 hours training, including two hours of live-firing on a gun range. The requirements for a license are here, and county sheriffs issue the handgun permits. Students must pass a test showing they can handle and shoot handguns in a safe manner.


  1. Yes, they "shot themselves in the foot." Gordon Gekko of Taxman Blog will be the first to sign up. Will anybody want to build or live or open a business in a place where the local political organization sounds like it is forming a paramiliary. Europeans and Asian companies will really want to move to Cincinnati. Right. Ohio as Beirut or Baghdad. The local cops will be overjoyed Repubs are teaching folks how to carry handguns. Aren't there enough guns on the street already?

  2. Wow. That's quite a trail of speculation there Bill.

    Sponsorship of a training class to help people qualify for a government-issued license just doesn't seem all that subversive. Is it possible you're reading more into this than is actually there?

    The same party sponsors candidate classes to encourage people to run for office. They also sponsor voter registration and education activities to encourage folks to participate in the political process. I assume this training is simply to help people be legal and responsible if they choose to exercise their gun rights.

    Am I missing something?

  3. .

    Talk about voter intimidation !

    Once again it's XXX judge Tryintofoolyou !

  4. What other kinds of classes might be sponsored as a way to attract voters:

    Cooking; gardening; investing and retirement to prepare senior citizens; how to buy a home; driver ed for teens; automobile maintenance. This opens a whole new door. Offer classes, recruit voters. They might consider offering something for President Bush that teaches him how to speak English. He fractures the language.

  5. Hi Mark Miller --

    I did not know that carrying a handgun was a core value of urban Republicanism. I knew about lower taxes, smaller government, opposition to abortion, stuff like that. But I did not know that the GOP was so into this that it would teach me how to pack.