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Friday, May 09, 2008

Marc Dann's New Spinmeister From Texas: GOP Says He Lands In Ohio With Wrinkled Ethics

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Republican State Leadership Committee, a national group that works to install GOP officeholders in state posts like attorney general, is already ripping Jason Stanford. He's the opposition researcher from Texas who has been hired by Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann -- Stanford is being paid by Dann's campaign fund. The Republicans claim Stanford "seems willing to say or do anything to win," and cites an unfolding Austin, TX., City Council flap over campaign contributions:

Stanford is named in a story about a complaint that alleges he was involved in potentially illegal campaign activity. You can see the most recent article from the Austin American Statesman right here. It’s an interesting article, and really hits upon the critical issue of transparency in public life. A second article, also from the Austin American Statesman quotes Mr. Stanford extolling the virtues of transparency when it comes to campaign communications….hmmm, do we think this is the same Jason Stanford….kind of like Marc Dann who pledged to bring back government Ohioans could be proud of again…you can see how they might work well together."

The Republicans also say that Stanford's Web site offers references for his political consulting/oppo research firm, and that some of the references include phone numbers to the Capitol Hill offices of House employees. Of course, House rules say those phones should only be used for official business. Click here for a link to Stanford's references. You can even find the official House e-mail address to a top aide of the Democratic Majority Leader. Two months ago, U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-OH-01, had to apologize after an aide used the House e-mail network to recruit campaign workers.


  1. ~

    How about those, 'culture of corruption', 'wRong wingnut whacko', 'ethically challenged' Judges that use the citizens court-room, phones, personnel to conduct their misleading political campaigns ?

    PATHETIC 'family values'


  2. So why would Dann need his seervices. What Opp reserach is he going to do? Redfern? Strickland? Fisher? Tony Gutierezz(a bit late for that)?

    What's the point?