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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ohio Atty. Gen. Marc Dann Resigns: How Long Before The State Scrubs Its Website Clean?

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- He's gone. But this is still up on the official State of Ohio Web site. Bet it is changed by tomorrow at the latest. Sooner would be even better. All mentions of the shameful Dann era are headed for the dump. Too bad that Youngstown has to be linked to the scoundrel. Dann no doubt thought he was promoting the city. He wound up embarrassing the town. The people of Youngstown deserved far better.


  1. At least they didn't have to throw him out like Congress did to Traficant.

  2. Vince --

    Youngstown (Liberty Township) was Dann's adopted city. He actually grew up in Cuyahoga County. I'm trying to remember Traficant's history -- I know he represented the area in Congress and was the sheriff of Mahoning County for a time. But was he actually a native of that area? I can't recall at the moment.