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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Subodh Chandra For Ohio Attorney General: Why Isn't He High On The List?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The former federal prosecutor from Cleveland ran for the Democratic nomination against the disgraced Marc Dann and received nearly 200,000 votes in the 2006 primary. He was the outsider challenging Dann, an incumbent state senator. The party endorsed Dann -- a huge mistake. Chandra's Web site from that campaign is still up and functioning and can be seen here. It contains an enormous amount of information about Chandra. Take a moment to check it out. In 2006, some Dems thought Dann's name -- more anglicized -- made him a stronger candidate. That was pre-Obama thinking and should be inoperative ( Nixon era word); now they certainly know that unfamiliar-sounding names can draw huge numbers of votes. Chandra is the son of immigrants, an Obama delegate this year, and he headed Cleveland's law department before seeking statewide office. All his qualifications are available online (see above) and there has never been a hint of scandal. He was vetted by the Justice Department when he worked as an assistant U.S. attorney handling sensitive cases like medical fraud.

Chandra (pronounced chun-dra) may be just the kind of fresh face Ohio Democrats need to put the Dann scandal in the crypt.


  1. Joel from LimaMay 15, 2008 11:19 AM

    Buckeyes it’s time to restore dignity to the AG’s office. We elected the wrong guy and it’s time to fix that by appointing Subodh Chandra.

  2. FriendofSubodhMay 15, 2008 1:33 PM

    State treasurer Richard Cordray would be an outstanding choice for AG, and he would be a strong candidate come November for the general election. But he is an excellent treasurer and should serve out his full 4-year term. He was elected and the people expected a competent public servant. So he should stay put. Why not Chandra? He has the credentials, the integrity, the maturity and the leadership ability. He also has the legal and management skills. Give him the job, governor.