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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hamilton County GOP Chair Alex Triantafilou Gets Mean: Calls Obama 'An Empty Suit'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The GOP chairman in Cincinnati slipped out of Ohio for a vacation in an undisclosed location where there are palm trees and beaches. He says it's a Republican-controlled paradise. But he's uncharacteristically sour, calling Sen. Barack Obama a "self-proclaimed messiah" and "an empty suit." Maybe it's the heat. Or maybe margaritas fueled such brilliantly intellectual political commentary. He's definitely on par (sarcasm alert) with William F. Buckley's erudition. If Alex Triantafilou can find a single instance of Obama proclaiming himself the messiah, The Daily Bellwether will gladly send him a case of Corona to drown his political sorrows at the beach. If not, he should apologize and run across Fountain Square in a Speedo at high noon on a work day in August. Then people could decide who really is the "empty suit." Here's Triantafilou from the beach:

"I've really built a dislike for this Obama message and the man himself. A few months ago, I thought he was an attractive candidate and, as a political observer, I was impressed by his political skills. No more. He's an empty suit and a true believing ideological liberal who will kill the American entrepreneurial spirit by promoting class warfare, raising taxes on prosperity, and imposing a radical social agenda on America."


  1. I think it is more the treatment of Obama by his "followers" (both his base and the media) that makes Alex (and a lot of us) feel that way.

  2. I happen to agree with Alex. Obama picked the wrong people to associate with & those associates have bit his hand. However, I don't think we've heard all the dirt on Obama. I believe the media is holding back so it doesn't look like a color card game. Give it time. Once Obama starts pitching mounds of mud at McCain & other fringe party candidates, that mud will come back to hit Obama squarely in the back of the head.

  3. Alex -

    That light you're seeing at the end of the tunnel is the train about to hit this November. Better run while you still can.

  4. And for being a good sport and reading this blog...I deserve the case of Corona! Can you make it Corona Light? My suit isn't as "empty" as it should be these it's light beer for me.

    I love the battle of ideas and I was uncharacteristically sour. It's not my usual posture as I like Democrats more than I like people who don't care about politics.

    Here's to a spirited battle of ideas!

  5. Hi Alex --

    I assume it's really you in the above comment. I hope you are having a great time on vacation and not reading any polls. You do love the battle of ideas, I hear, and that is to your credit. Hopefully we can both hoist a Corona Light together. I would say Bud or Miller, but the whole domestic beer thing is going out the window. Maybe we should clink our glasses with Sam Adams, brewed here in Cincy. We can toast the great American experiment in democracy. Anyhow, happy 4th of July. (And I guess you never found an Obama quote proclaiming himself the messiah).