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Monday, June 30, 2008

Question For Ohio Bizzyblog's Tom Blumer: When Have You Ever Been To Iraq?

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Mr. Bizzyblog writes from the confines of Mason, Ohio, a comfortable Cincinnati suburb where an occasional traffic jam on I-75 may be life's greatest inconvenience. That, and those pesky tourists who clog Interstate 71 when they visit Kings Island. But Tom Blumer, the proprietor of Bizzyblog is torqued. Why? Because Barack Obama hasn't visited Iraq for 900 days:

"Oh, and remind Obama that he hasn't been to Iraq in over 900 days. So he'd best go to an airport, notify air traffic control, start flapping those ears (snicker, snicker) and get over here."

So Tom, knowing of your interest and strong opinions about the Middle East, the Muslim religion, the war -- and your view that people should visit Iraq -- when are you going? Have you bought a ticket yet? Have you notified air traffic control that Bizzyblog will be filing from the front lines? How many days has it been since your last visit, if ever? Or is your comment about Obama flapping his ears just you flapping your lips. Or was it diarrhea of the keyboard? Nine hundred days days without visiting Iraq? Tell us, when did you last take a stroll around Baghdad, and is it lovely at this time of year?


  1. Bill,

    Blumer is a blogger, he's not running for president. And the candidate he'll vote for has been there recently.

    You're love of the Obamessiah has taken beyond the point of hackery.

    Best to just delete this and hope no one cached it.

  2. "over here"? Was Tom secretly blogging from Baghdad? LOL.

    Fair question, then Mark, that Bill asks here. He seemed to characterize it as "over here". Does Tom want Obama to visit Mason?

  3. Hi Mark --

    I'm a huge fan of Tom. I think he was off the rail here, a train wreck. Obama should flap his ears and fly to Iraq. C'mon. If Tom contends the senator hasn't been on top of the situation, that he is too distant and ill-informed about the war, then that's fair and he should make that case. In my opinion, he was not on top of his game. I suspect everyone has a bad day from time to time, or writes what he or she wishes one hadn't. I have. I'm human.

  4. i'm a huge fan of tom's in a different sense. well, actually, in the trainwreck sense! ;-)

  5. Geez Bill, you "somehow" forgot to tell readers that I was imagining, in a satirical post that this is what Maliki might be saying.

    Any evidence that I'm especially "torqued" about it is in your imagination. Heck, the list of things to possibly get "torqued" about (many of them linked at the post) is so long, it's hard to figure out where to start.

    And the "ears" thing is ALL Obama's fault (audio is available at the Hot Air link; Obama scolding Maureen Dowd is about 60% through; don't tell me he's kidding - he's an insecure weenie; also see the comments here).

    Going after me for not going to Iraq is really Obama-league.

  6. "Obama-league" has a nice ring to it. Like Big League. He's in the Big League, and has knocked off the Clintons. Now he's getting ready for the Series against John McCain, another Big Leaguer. Should be an exciting contest, folks. They both can run, bunt, pitch and catch. Who has the speed on the bases? Who plays better defense?

  7. Bill:

    Q: Why is Obama vising Iraq this summer then?

    A: Because he realized this is a legit point.

  8. I would agree, last anonymous.

  9. Per Eric ....

    "over here"? Was Tom secretly blogging from Baghdad? LOL.

    .... Proving that he doesn't even go to linked items before commenting on them (with the help of misdirection on Bill's part).