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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jerome Corsi Is A Twisted Kook: Once Called For Nuking Temple In Jerusalem

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Jerome Corsi, the literary quack, is known for making statements that are bigoted against Catholics -- he described Pope John Paul II as senile and opined his successor (Pope Benedict) would probably be the last pope ever. And he often compares Muslims to Nazis. Until today, I never knew Corsi suggested using a nuclear weapon to destroy a religious shrine in the Holy Land. Corsi is the author of a new book, The Obama Nation, that portrays Sen. Barack Obama as a dangerous leftist. But it is Corsi himself who is probably 'round the bend.

On Nov. 17, 2002, he wrote about his support for using nuclear weapons in the Middle East:

"Forget it -- the only thing these Islamofascists understand is force -- time to nuke the Temple of the Dome and send this 'religion' back to hell, the place it came from."

Corsi didn't seem to realize that the Temple of the Dome is in Jerusalem. A simple Google search for Temple of the Dome finds numerous references. It is formally known as the Dome of the Rock, a mosque where Islamic tradition says the Prophet Muhammad ascended to view paradise in 691 A.D. The great dome in Jerusalem is covered with 24-karat gold.

Corsi also didn't seem to realize that the rock housed in the mosque is revered by Jews and significant to Christians, and is central to the Jewish faith. According to Jewish tradition, Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on the stone. The account appears in the Bible in Genesis 22. King Solomon built a temple at the site of the rock.

Aside from advocating the use of a nuclear weapon on civilians, an act of mass murder, Corsi would also desecrate and vaporize a spot that is important to three great faiths. Is that not the intolerance of the Taliban? And Corsi says Obama is unfit? Corsi is reckless, idiotic, unhinged. He thinks flesh and blood are cheap.


  1. More liberal BS from BS.

  2. JC does not believe in the precepts of JC, the Prince of Peace. The BS flows from Corsi, who has sphincter muscles in his typing fingers. He's worthless. Bill deserves plaudit for exposing this crumb.

  3. I am not a big fan of his neo-con views, but did you read the book or are you using the comments from others? I had to opportunity to read part of it and he makes a solid case against Obama.


  4. BrooklynBookwormAugust 16, 2008 7:11 AM

    To Anon SH --

    Your "solid case against Obama" has more holes than a slab of Swiss cheese. ITEM: Corsi wrote incorrectly that Obama does not mention his father's alcoholism. Obama wrote about his father's drinking in one of his books. Obama was candid. Corsi makes things up. Obama can withstand the book and Corsi can watch his own bank account grow because he he's done nothing but cash in on Obama's popularity.

  5. brooklynbookworm:

    That is not the issue. I wrote that I had read 'parts,' meaning I have not read the whole. However back to the point, did Bill Sloat read the book or is he parroting what others have said.

    Stop drinking the Obama kool-aid, it's just as bad as the McCain neo-con kool-aid.



  6. Saw this when I Googled Corsi. The blogger didn't quote the book. He quoted the author on another topic. The blogger can defend himself if he wants to do so. The way I read this, he went after Corsi because Corsi said America should set off a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem. An event like that would kill innocent Jews and Muslims. The blogger said that kind of talk is crazy talk and should go into the equation when considering the mindset behind the book.

  7. Do the people who loosely throw around the term neo-con as a pejorative know what the word means? John McCain is not a neo-con. And this idiot Corsi is definitely not a conservative (neo or otherwise). Bill correctly labels Corsi as a kook who should be ignored. Even if he gets a few things right, he gets so many things wrong that it discredits the rest of his "research." There are many things to consider that should convince a voter not to elect Obama but this goof Corsi is not the way to get the message delivered. He should be shunned. I wouldn't cite this guy even on issues I may strongly believe he is right for the same reason a prosecutor won't use a witness that is easily impeachable. A shifty witness can hurt your case even when telling the truth because they are untrustworthy.